Sunday School

We are working to give you the best possible Sunday School information we can.  More information on other classes coming soon. 

Sunday School classes start at 10am each Sunday morning and we have classes from nursery to senior adults, come and find a place to be encouraged, A place where Loving...Teaching....Reaching is in action.


Frances Long's Open Arms: Ladies will learn the Bible and feel comfortable in "open arms." Ladies of all ages are welcome to this verse by verse Bible study class.

Jay Adams' class: Book by book Bible study class for anyone 55 and older-men, women, married, not married. Members dig deep into the Word and are welcome to participate in discussions, but not pressured to. 

Explore the Bible: Adults of all ages and marital status study the Bible with LifeWay's quarterly Sunday School material.  "God doesn’t just want us to read His Word, He wants us to know it and live its truth. That’s why Explore the Bible: Adults takes groups book by book through Scripture, framing every passage in its appropriate biblical and cultural context" LifeWay resources.


High school: Students studay what's in the Bible and how it relates to every day life. Students also discuss current life challenges and how to deal with them biblically. 

Middle schoolPractical application, biblical principles, and realistic approaches for facing modern challenges through seven "checkpoints" that are the most important and critical issues facing teens:

1. Authentic Faith
2. Spiritual Disciplines
3. Moral Boundaries (this section deals primarily with issues of sexual purity and dating)
4. Healthy Friendships
5. Wise Choices
6. Ultimate Authority
7. Others First

Nursery through elementary: Kids learn what and who are in the Bible and how to apply biblical lessons and values in their lives.  Younger kids play games and make crafts in addition to learning a lesson.

  April 2020  
This Week's Events
  • Go-Getters

    Our Senior Adults, better known as the Go-Getters have just completed a very eventful 2019!!!  As we look forward to continuing to fellowship with each other in 2020, let's strive to "Grow" our group!!!  There are many seniors in our church who for one reason or another are now unable to go and do as they used to with us!  Because of this,   we feel that it's our calling to minister to these friends!  Let's step out and make an extra effort to encourage these persons!  A phone call, a card, and most importantly a prayer can go a long way in making someone feel special!!  Stay tuned to our calendar each month for activities going on for the Go-Getters!!