Beth & Larry White

Senior Adults Ministry also known as the G0-GETTERS because they are always rolling somewhere. This active group meets the last Friday of each month unless attending a special event...where the day may be different. Sign-up sheets for outings is always on the Senior Bulletin Board in back hallway! Come be part of this exciting group!!

Hi Friends and Neighbors!

We would love to tell you what an awesome group we have the privilege of leading! Our Go-Getters are a group of God-loving Seniors who love each other, love life and love their church! If you fit in this category, please plan to join us on any of our outings! We go out the last Friday of each month unless a special occasion occurs! We make interesting day trips nearby as well as checking out new places right here in Wilmington!  

PLEASE put on your calendar the date of our next event!! 

On Sunday afternoon, February 5th at 5:00, the Youth of our church will be serving us dinner!  What an awesome opportunity to get to know our youth and mingle with them!  There's a good possibility that the 2 groups have a lot in common!  The cost is only $5.00. Let's promote this event and show our youth how much love we have for them!!

  April 2020  
This Week's Events
  • Go-Getters

    Our Senior Adults, better known as the Go-Getters have just completed a very eventful 2019!!!  As we look forward to continuing to fellowship with each other in 2020, let's strive to "Grow" our group!!!  There are many seniors in our church who for one reason or another are now unable to go and do as they used to with us!  Because of this,   we feel that it's our calling to minister to these friends!  Let's step out and make an extra effort to encourage these persons!  A phone call, a card, and most importantly a prayer can go a long way in making someone feel special!!  Stay tuned to our calendar each month for activities going on for the Go-Getters!!